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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday's Top 10 Etsy Buys!! - 6th Edition - In The Kitchen

I'm back again with another Top Ten Etsy Buys!! With fall quickly approaching, I thought it would be a good time to feature items From The Kitchen. I know that as soon as the weather begins to change, I seem to spend more time in the kitchen. Baking bread, preserving for winter and whipping up comfort food. So here are some items I found on Etsy that I absolutely love!!

1. Stoneware Nesting Bowls-Pottery handmade in North Carolina by Flying Pig Pottery - (featured picture)

2. Set of Four Screen-printed Cloth Napkins- Yellow Leaf - by MichelleBrusegaard

3. Mod Cupcake Pink Recipe Cards, letterpress set of 10. - by DingbatPress

4. Set of 2 Crocheted Dish/Washcloths Lime and Natural - by merlinthecat

5. The CHLOE Vintage Inspired Blue Cupcake Apron - by Boojiboo


6. Honey Pot Bright Green - by utilemud


7. tasty double double burger diagram tea towels - pick your ink color - by girlscantell


8. small chai tea kit - by purposedesign


9. 5 - NO YOU CAN'T HAVE MY BANANA STICKERS Humorous Lunch Bags - by sammo


10. Lampwork Glass Bottle Stopper, Sparkle color, Cobalt Blue, perfect for wine party or gift for mixology lover - by FullBlownGlass


And there you have it! Hope you find something great! Have a great week and thanks for supporting handmade!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Halloween Greeting Cards!!!

Just listed today in my shop!! Great Vintage-Style Halloween Cards! These cards take me back to the good old days of my childhood:) Cards are perfect to send to friends and family to wish them a Happy Halloween!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday's Top 10 Etsy Buys!! - 5th Edition - Back to School!

It's back to school time!! Getting my kids ready to go back to school is quite a task. From the uniforms to the notebooks, it seems as though the list will never end. I have been going through this back to school ordeal now for 9 years, and I'm getting bored with same old supplies. I decided to see what my fellow Etsians had to offer. What do you know, Etsy sellers came through for me again!! Check out all of the unique and different school supplies I found this week:)

1. Covered Recycled cans NOW pencil holders - by ChicEMbellish (pictured above)

I love these!!! My kids are only allowed to take "certain" items to school, and of course super cute pencil holders are not on the list. However, I love these for our homework area. I think it makes doing homework less daunting:)

2. Blue on Blue, Art Smock sz 4/5 by StolenTime
Art Smocks! Thank goodness the days of dad's old dress shirt are over!! I love the cute patterns and the easy on/off feature. No more buttons up the back:)

3. Lunch Box Love Notes 1a by scrappyky

Seriously - are these not the cutest thing you have ever seen. It makes me want to pack a lunch for myself just so I can get one!

4. 9 x 11 Notebook Binder, Triple Crown, Blue Flower in Buttercream by CrownBindery
I love the paper choices used for this notebook/binder! And they are laminated!!!! Easy to clean and super durable - a definate must-have for school.

5. Wild Pink Mushrooms Reusable Sandwich Bag by littlegreenpea
I love the whole concept behind these reuseable lunch bags. I try to be as "green" as possible and this could really help. I use A LOT of Ziploc sandwich bags and of course we throw them away when we are done with them. I love the fact that I can throw these in the washing machine instead of the garbage! The cute fabric choices make lunches less boring and the velcro closure is simple to use. LOVE THESE!!!!

6. Princess No Germs Allowed Hand Sanitizer Soap - Back to School by NoFussFabulous
Ok, I know that this really isn't considered a "school supply", however, I have become a complete germ-a-phob! With 4 kids I FEAR germs. I firmly believe that this should be on the school supply list. And how cute is this??? A definate must-have for back to school!

7. Handmade Vintage Journal, Diary, Notebook, Sketchbook - Let's Talk by StoriesDivinations
This one is for me - I love the vintage! The images really take me back to my childhood. I love how some of the pages from the book are included in this notebook.

8. Sweet Venice Pencil (Pen) pouch by CranberryLover

All right, this one's for the kiddies! The fabrics are great, craftsmanship is spectacular! What a cute way to keep the kids stuff organized:)

9. Hannah the Owl Personalized Metal Lunch Box by myduckduckgoose

This lunch box is so cute! I love the owl and the personalization. I also love the fact that it doesn't feature a commercialized character - I have plenty of those!!

10. Scrap Fabric Barrettes-Orangesicle by flyingfrogapparel


Last but not definately not least - some adorable hair accessories! I love these handmade clips from one of my BNR buddies!! I love the fall colors and the back-to-school feel they give. You can really get the kiddies excited for school with a cute pair of hair pretties!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday's Top 10 Etsy Buys!! - 4th Edition!

Yippee Skippy! It's Friday! Time for Scrap Your Story's Top Ten 10 Etsy Buys! For my 4th Edition, I decided to go with a GREEN theme. Wow, this one was hard. There are so many great Green items out there. I seriously considered doing a Top 20 this week:)

Hope you find something you love - I know I did!!

Support Handmade!

1. Green Cherry blossoms jewelry box, large - by designhutusa


2. Coconut Lime Hand Crafted Cold Process Soap - by WhereWaterComesDown

3. Mossy Lime Green Totoro Leather Journal Book - by BindMe

4. Green Organic Bowl - Fused Art Glass - by FirstLightGlass


5. 2 New 18 inch Handmade Contemporary,Modern Black, Kiwi Green Spots Designer Funky Retro Cushion Covers,Pillow Cases,Pillow Covers,Scatter Cushions,Pillow,NEW FABRIC - by MARIESCOSYCUSHIONS

6. Flying Saucer I Spy Bag - take it on your next trip to outer space - by thosegreathousewomen

7. Shades of Grey Round Pendant hung on a Black Leather Choker style adjustable Necklace - by EsThings


8. Letterpress Congratulations/Celebration Card. Woot Woot. - by sycamorestreetpress


9. Recycled Green Wine Bottle Wind Chime - by glassgaloregal


10. Lightbulb Mug - by Littlepigpottery

That's it folks! Check back next week for some more great finds!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Gus the Ghost Halloween Party Invitation!

Halloween is coming!! Are you ready? I just listed my Gus the Ghost invitation in my shop. This line of Halloween products make throwing a Halloween Party easy! The coordinating party banner is already listed, and there will soon be matching cupcake toppers and favor bags!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My first treasury

Cool - I just scored my first Treasury!!! Check it out - it's Party Time!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday's Top 10 Etsy Buys!! - 3rd Edition

This week's theme~~~~~PURPLE!!!

Welcome to Scrap Your Story's Friday Top 10 Etsy Buys! This is my 3rd Edition and I am having a blast browsing through Etsy looking for my favorites. I have found so many unique and beautiful items! My wish list is getting longer by the minute. I hope you enjoy my 10 favorite purple picks!!

1. Blueberry Scones - BestBakedGoods

2. Oyster in Purple Suede - Morelle

3. Adjustable Coffee Cozy - Lavender Damask - BagelCreations

4. Bubbling Scarf----Deep Purple - Clariceonline

5. Cucumber Flower Shea Butter Soap - naiad

6. Striped Purple Lilac and Yellow Knitted mp3/ipod Sock With Flower - handylittleme

7. Pretty Purples - Handmade Papers - CSpaperandbeads

8. Pink n' Purple Scuttlebug Clippie - fancyliltoads

9. Purple Butterflies Flannel Pillowcase - sewsuzanne

10. Primitive Birdhouse Purple Kiwi green White Picket Fence - birdhouseaccents

Well that's it for this week! I hope you find something you love - Support Handmade!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Witches Welcome - Halloween Banner

I love the colors on this one! The green tulle is glittery and makes this my favorite banner so far!
Orders have been picking up this week and life is getting a little crazy. You can tell summer is coming to a close:( We are busy getting the kids ready to go back to school and planning fall activities. I'm not ready for summer to be over. I think I am just going to pretend it's still June and go sit out by the pool!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I recently made this for a customer who was looking for Space themed party supplies. I think this turned out really cute. It's a nice simple design and the colors work great together! I love the lime green - it seems to be showing up in most of my more recent creations!

Check it out here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=28795744

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Halloween Banner - Spooky Tree

Since the Pirate Treasure birthday banner has been so popular, I decided to use the same type theme for a Halloween Banner. I love the "spooky" tree!! This banner makes a great Halloween decoration. The colors and theme would make a great addition to your decor!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Halloween Banner- Gus the Ghost

Halloween is coming!! And it just happens to be my favorite of all the holidays! I have been waiting for months to start creating all my Halloween items. And there are many:) I figured this one would be a great start. I love this simple, yet super cute banner for decorating my living room during the Halloween Season. There will soon be coordinating invitations, cupcake toppers and party favors in the shop!!

Check it all out at: http://scrapyourstory.etsy.com